Increases Testosterone Level Naturaly


Tribulus Terrestris acts as a precursor in the natural formation of testosterone. It also stimulates production of DHEA, another T-precursor and increases luteinizing hormone, which may assist T-production.


Increases Energy Level


Tribulus Terrestris achieves energizing effects through increasing testosterone level.


Increases both Male and Female Libidos


One of the most well-known properties of Tribulus Terrestris is as an aphrodisiac that also reportedly improves libido in humans.


Increases Muscle Mass


The active ingredient in Tribulus Terrestris, steroidal saponin protodioscin, is a healthy, natural, and safe alternative to artificial steroids.


Speeds Up Metabolism 


Tribulus Terrestris influences metabolism of essential nutrients and water management in the body.



90 capsules


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  • Hormone Testosterone Natural Boost


    Energy Optimization


    Health of Male and Female Libidos 


    Muscle Mass Gain


    Fast Metabolism