Worldwide Distant Training and Consulting


Online Basic


A downloadable program for beginners which covers all the basics of weight training, cardio, nutrition and supplementation with options for men and women. 

Online Training


Online Sessions, provided with Basic and Customized Nutritional Recommendations.

Online Consulting

Customized Training Program, Cardio Schedule, Weight Training, Online Guidance and Support, Basic and Customized Nutritional Recommendations.                                                      

Work with Athletes


Contest Preparation


Customized Workout Plan, Nutrition Plan, Posing Practice for Fitness Bikini/

Figure Competitors.

Personal Training 

Personal Sessions, provided with Basic and Customized Nutritional Recommendations.

PT Locations

Upper East Side, NYC

Soho, NYC

Client's Location, NYC


Personal Training Packages

Single Session

10 Personal Sessions

25 Personal Sessions

50 Personal Sessions

Boxing Skills


Basic and Advanced Boxing Techniques


Personal and small group training to improve Boxing Skills.